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Fic: Look, It's Beginning to Snow

Title: Look, It's Beginning to Snow
Author: StalkedByChibis
Characters: Valeyard/Romana
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None, I don't think...
Summary: Romana receives a visitor.


Cold.Collapse )


Terribly shy when posting...

Title: I, Valeyard
Author: StalkedByChibis
Characters: Valeyard; No pairings
Rating: Not sure how this works but...err, G. Nothing at all to write home about...
Spoilers: None.
Summary: A poem!fic, from the Valeyard's POV. 

"Once, I was an angel..."Collapse )

((I have a few other Valeyard!fics if you'd like them...))

help_haiti Valeyard listing

Hey, denizens! As you probably know if you've checked your f-list in the last 24 hours, there's a massive fandom auction being held over at help_haiti to raise funds for the relief effort. Lots of people have been pimping their auction threads in relevant comms, which is fantastic, but I figured something more systematic might be easier.

So, if you're auctioning off fanworks for help_haiti and you're willing to make them Valeyard-centric, please leave a comment with the link to your thread in this post.

Rock on, fandom!

Fic: Resurrexit

Title: Resurrexit
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor (unspecified future!Doctor), Valeyard, Jenny.
Rating: G
Words: 724
Summary: The Doctor's future meets his past in Amsterdam 1576.


Fanfiction: The Man Who Would

Title: The Man Who Would

Characters/Pairing: Doctor/Master, ?/Master
Rating: PG-13
Warning: implied mind-control.
Genre: General, Angst

Summary: Someone has to tell the Doctor something and it is nothing nice. Monologue only story.

Special thanks aralias for betaing!


With a thank-you to padawanpooh for sharing this glory of YouTube:


Hello.  I come bearing Valeyard fic.  Dark Valeyard fic.  Is there any other kind?

Title: A Day In the Death of Alex Hopkins
Author: Evilawyer
Characters/Pairings:  Ainley!Master, The Valeyard, Alex Hopkins of Torchwood II (and a wee bit of Master/Valeyard, if you squint)
Rating: PG-13 (disturbing themes, character death)
Spoilers:  LotTl, perhaps?  Also maybe The Ultimate Foe for Doctor Who and bits of Fragments for Torchwood.  But only if you a purists as to the meaning of  "spoiler".
Summary: The twenty-first century is when everything changes.

The story can be found here.


Title: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [2/6] (Chapter 1)
Author: elliptic_eye
Characters/Pairings: Six, Thirteen, the Valeyard; also Peri, Mel, the Inquisitor, the Brig
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: swearing, suicidal ideation, violence, character death
Length: 6,100
( "I'm thinking of killing myself," said the Doctor. "Actually, that's something of an understatement. I practically have to." )
x-posted thesixthdoctor


Summer Sixathon 2009 Reminder

Hey, everyone! Signups for the current round at sixathon will close at midnight, August 1. Right now, we have an odd number of entries, so don't wait till the last minute to get in!

Go here to read the Rules, and here to sign up. Prompts will be exchanged during the first two weeks of August.

Crossposted to doctorwho and thesixthdoctor, but feel free to publicize this ficathon far and wide; I can hardly wait till the prompts start going out!
I have a couple of Valeyard drabbles. They're just things I wrote while fidddling with the random pairing generator, but I figure there isn't enough Valeyard fic about.

Title: Heartless
Rating: G
Paring: Valeyard/Master

Title: Nostalgia
Rating: G, unless I need to warn for kissing.
Paring: Valeyard/Rose

Title: Long Time Passing
Rating: G
Paring: Valeyard/Shalka!Doctor
Hallo there! Some of us over at thesixthdoctor are setting up a sixathon and thought that might be relevant to this comm's interests. *grins* The event is now in the planning stages, with a poll to decide the parameters of the 'thon -- scope and timing, in particular. To stay updated, join or follow sixathon! This'll also be crossposted in a few places, so don't be surprised if you see it elsewhere.

The theme for the Summer 2009 Sixathon will be all companions all the time -- but that certainly doesn't preclude the most dire villain to be introduced during his era. Come on in and let's get this thing off the ground!

Sorry, but I have a drabble

Just joined this comm, and unfortunately it has inspired fic. Hopefully this will get it out of my system.

Title: Wrong

Rating: PG13?
Characters: Valeyard/Peri



She knew something was wrong even as he stepped out of the TARDIS with a brand new face. Knew it as he coolly and dismissively claimed that the pulse from the brain transfer machine had done so much damage to his mind that the only way to reclaim it was to regenerate. Knew it as the gaze that was suddenly calculating and predatory drove away all thoughts of returning home. Knew, but didn't care. Not then, and not later, when he staked his claim on her with cold, rough hands and a voracious mouth to match.
Sometimes she scared herself.

May. 23rd, 2009

Does anyone happen to know whether the Valeyard is stated as being from between the Doctor's twelfth regeneration and his final regeneration, whether it's between his twelfth incarnation and his final incarnation? 'Regeneration' makes more sense -- Time Lords have twelve selves (meaning that his twelfth incarnation will be his final incarnation) and eleven regenerations (hope I'm getting this right.) But if the Master was counting both the averted regeneration in Season Four and the 'final regeneration' as death, wouldn't that make more sense . . .?

Reaction post for The Ultimate Foe

Apologies for a tardy post once again--had sudden death of laptop yesterday. So you'll all be spared the atrocious photoshop of Six in an eyepatch. ;)

Sorry no irritating poll, this time, but now we've finished it, go forth and discuss: Best things? Worst things? Like the final retcon? Hate it? Thoughts on Mel? Thoughts on the Matrix Keeper? Thoughts on yaoi? Thoughts on A Tale of Two Cities?

Thanks for watching with us, everybody!

Icons and Caps

Four icons and five caps, all from 'The Ultimate Foe.' Not terribly high quality, but I did what I could to neaten them up a bit (on that note, I've just learned that there is indeed a point to the sharpen filter.)

IconsCollapse ) CapsCollapse )

Reaction post for Terror of the Vervoids

Appallingly late due to mod fail—my apologies. Shall try to make it up with some shiny, crisp caps. But now!


Best thing about this serial?

Obligatory option: The Valeyard
The Inquisitor
Mel's sneakology!
The clash of Mel's gumption and Six's laziness!
The self-contained plot!
The thickening of the Matrix plot!
The shoulder pads!
Something/someone better I'll bring up in the comments

*Worst* thing about this serial?

The Inquisitor
The courtroom action
Mel! Or companion changes, generally!
Carrot juice
The self-contained plot
The thickening of the Matrix plot
The shoulder pads
The Vervoids
The Vervoid suits
The cliffhanger
Something/someone worse I'll bring up in the comments

Reaction post for Mindwarp

A day late. Again. Er, sorry about that.


Best thing about this serial?

Pink water!
The Mentors
Mellonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns & heads like them
Further to the above, Six's CLEVER PLOY
Creeptacular Crozier
More of that lulzy skience
Six's reactions in the courtroom
The Valeyard's reactions in the courtroom
Something I'll bring up in the comments

*Worst* thing about this serial?

A certain obvious, spoilery thing
The way the obvious, spoilery thing was executed
Pink water!
The Mentors
Creeptacular Crozier
The lovely '80s racefail
The courtroom stuff
The sets
The production
Something I'll bring up in the comments

Hey! Anybody else watch the boxset extras? What'd you think?

We'll be re-watching this serial all this week, so feel free to jump in at any time (and, of course, the discussion's still open on Mysterious Planet). Once again, SPOILERS in the comments. Go for it, people.

Reaction post for The Mysterious Planet

We're rewatching The Mysterious Planet all this week. This is the post to use to for general discussion and squee; spoilers will abound in the comments, but since some people may actually be watching the serial for the first time, try to avoid major spoilers for the remaining three segments. Trial newbies: We will not, however, be policing vigorously for spoilers, so if you haven't already read the synopsis on Wikipedia, proceed at your own risk.

ETA: I was thinking all week that we were starting rewatches on Sundays, completely forgetting that in the past post I'd indicated Saturdays. *facepalm* Shall get the next reaction post up on time.

And since no rewatch is complete without TICKY BOXES:

Best thing about this serial?

The opening model shot
The new footing for Six and Peri's dynamic
Glitz and/or Dibber
The Inquisitor
The lulzy skience
The opportunity to make cheap jokes about the Doctor getting stoned
Something else I'll squee about in the comments

And your favorite thing about the shiny new boxset?

Trial Re-Watch Starting 18 April

Happy Easter special, everybody! Polish your fetching vinyl skullcaps; we have ourselves a re-watch. The consensus seemed to be that A) mid-April, sometime after our lovely shiny new Who, would be a good time to start, and B) for a serial a week as a schedule. So:

18 April - The Mysterious Planet
25 April - Mindwarp
2 May - Terror of the Vervoids
9 May - The Ultimate Foe

Break out your old VHSes or your shiny new box sets and join us to share reactions, discussions, meta, pic spams, or anything else throughout the week, starting next Saturday.

EDIT: Should we tack on a re-listen of He Jests at Scars… after Ultimate Foe?
Well, the boxset has been out for a few months now, and with a bit of a hiatus in the Whoniverse all around, I'd say we're past due for a look at our favorite evil Gallifreyan space lawyer. Y/N?

Rewatch: Sound like fun?


Assuming "Y" temporarily: sheikm suggested that some date after the Easter special airs might be best—that way, those inclined have plenty of time to squee/meta/fic/etc. a bit before turning their minds to the srs bsns that is Michael Jayston in a vinyl skullcap. Obviously, if we do a rewatch, we'll want to pick a time that works for as many people as possible; please do contribute ideas for a schedule (or anything else).

What sort of start date sounds good? (We don't want to wait so long the project collects dust.)

How quickly do we want to watch this stuff?

A serial a week
An episode a week
A serial a month
Something else I'll detail in the comments

The Forgotten

It looks like we might have a new Valeyard...  at least in the comics books...

I don't know if I'm allowed to post this here. Feel free to delete it if not.

Spoilers for The ForgottenCollapse )
images are from http://04nbod.livejournal.com/143208.html (Thanks a lot 04nbod!!!!!)
Here, have two shiny new Valeyard icons:


..There really aren't enough pictures of him floating around.
Just to recap, and to at least pretend that I do something around this place, let's have a few links about The Trial of a Time Lord, shall we?

Also, definitely feel free to take this as an opportunity to talk randomly about anything else you'd like to about the arc.

It's out on DVD finally, for those of you who are as slow on the uptake as I am. Although it was only released on 29 September, there are already drinking games in the reviews (spoilers).

•The Vervoid has played a game of "Guest Producer" with Trial (spoilers). The result is a pretty nifty article. To quote from his or her conclusion: There was nothing fundamentally wrong with the idea of the Trial (you could argue it was cocking an unwise snook at the powers that be but I’m talking dramatically) but it felt like "let’s put the Doctor on trial" was the end of the conversation rather than the beginning.

•The DVD review at Slice of Sci Fi has some canned but useful info on the extras.

•A column in Doctor Who Magazine #400, I've heard tell, will have some sort of text commentary/review of our favorite camp behemoth—and will be joined by Colin Baker for the purpose.

For those who've already snapped this up and watched it: What do we get in the way of special features? Are they any good? What's the quality like?

Since this is a new release we're talking about, on the off chance that there's anybody here in this comm who hasn't seen Trial or hasn't yet seen all of it, please try to give readers a heads up before disgorging the really massive spoilers.

FIC: People as Places [Valeyard/Bianca]

Title: People as Places
Author: biichan
Characters/Pairing: Valeyard/Bianca
Word Count: ~750
Rating: R for not very explicit sex.
Warnings:Some spoilers for Trial of a Time Lord and The Wormery, as well as S4/30.
Summary: “You and I,” he says, with some regret, “are past our dancing days.”
A/N: Thank you to persiflage_1, amaresu, calapine and elyssadc for looking this over for me at the last minute. You guys are way too good to me.

People As Places is here.

4.13 Journey's End Spoilers

Have been having a post-finale chat with options3000, and he made a terribly awesome suggestion that made me quite happy and excited. Cut for spoilersCollapse ) I really want to fic this, but I don't have time at the moment, but it certainly is a fascinating idea!

Title: Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [1/4]
Author: elliptic_eye
Characters/Pairings: Six, Thirteen, the Valeyard; also Peri, Mel, the Inquisitor, the Brig
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, suicidal ideation, violence, character death
Length: 2,090
( Committing suicide was a real challenge if you were a Time Lord. )
x-posted thesixthdoctor, Teaspoon

Icons, anybody?

So, yes: my few Valeyard icons. Enjoy!


Picture in the first from nam_jai; quote on the third from Sherlock Holmes; and the second is a reference to a line in "He Jests At Scars".

Time's Champion

Okay, here's a somewhat more serious topic...

I assume, being the batshit Valeyard fans we all are, that some of you have heard of Valeyard-centric novel called Time's Champion that is due for publication?


It was the novel DW author Craig Hinton was working on when he tragically died in 2006. It will soon be finished and then fan-published by his friends.

And fanvids have apparently been made to promote it. The Valeyard character study one is MADE OF AWESOME. You must see!

Time's Champion Character Studies: The Valeyard


Valeyard shipping, ahoy!

Now, let us begin discussion... with a poll! *dramatic fist clinch*

Your Valeyard OTP is...?

Another, even more obscure Valeyard pairing that I shall state in the comments.

First Post of Rassilon

A couple of items for the agenda:

•If we were to create a little Intro to the Valeyard post for the education of those less privileged in fandom—i.e., something for those fen regrettably unacquainted with this fascinating character, like a Wiki but rather better—what should be in it? Who'd want to participate?

•Over on who_otp, someone floated the idea of a Valeyard ficathon. I was thinking of something with a length requirement of about 750 words, signups starting June 21st, and a due date in late July or mid-August. Sound doable? Do people prefer the idea of a ficathon where everybody's matched up to write for a fellow participant and there's a big reveal at the end, or a more straightforward affair where you pick something from a bucket of prompts and run with it?


Questions or concerns? Please use this post to bring them to a moderator's attention. All comments will be screened; if you wish your comment to remain screened, please supply your e-mail address so that we can respond without unscreening your comment. If you want your comment/thread un-screened for general discussion, please say so.



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